Comicker Press Launches!

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Comicker Press Launches!
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232 backers pledged $14,240.00 on Kickstarter

Help bring creator-owned, digital-first comics series from a diversity-focused publisher to print!

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$14,240.00 / 232 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: July 2016


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Button Pack
Button Pack - featuring one 1.5" RABBIT BLACK and one 1.5" LOST ANGELS button - $5 (includes ship... more »
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Set of Two Mini-Prints
5.5" x 8.5" - Glossy, 100 lbs. cover-weight stock - One each of RABBIT BLACK and LOST ANGELS - $1... more »
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Full-sized Art Print
8" x 10" - Glossy, 100 lbs. cover-weight stock - Pick RABBIT BLACK or LOST ANGELS - $10 (includes... more »
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Original LOST ANGELS Pages
You can own an original page from LOST ANGELS, sold on a first-come, first-served basis of the pa... more »


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Lost Angels TPB
Crime, culture, and coming-of-age take flight in LOST ANGELS — a sci-fi mystery set in a world wh... more »
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Rabbit Black TPB
Word on the street is when you’ve got a problem, Rabbit Black’s the one to solve it. After he's a... more »
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Some Kind of Blue Moon
Self-Published Edition of SOME KIND OF BLUE MOON. Only 200 were ever made, and we've got the las... more »


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Comicker Digital Subscription
Comicker Digital Subscription: We're getting back to our roots! This add-on will get you $50 of ... more »